From Code to Canvas: A Guide for Prompting Stunning AI Art with MidJourney (2/3)

Welcome to the second part of guided prompting for Midjourney to unlock your artistic potential and create jaw-dropping AI art with exclusive cheat codes. These expert hacks will take your art to new heights, no coding skills required!


Cheat Codes

Here are more good example prompts!

Note: In some prompts I used multi-prompts as well as weighting to achieve better results.

32 Bit Isometric

Prompt: new york city, 32 bit isometric

Old Photograph

Prompt: New York City:: old photograph::1


Prompt: New York City:: neon::1

Oil Painting

Prompt: New York City:: oil painting::1


Prompt: New York City:: cyberpunk::1


Prompt: Portrait of Albert Einstein:: retrowave::1


Prompt: Portrait of Albert Einstein:: retro::1
Prompt: Retro neon city background, Neon style 80s

Blueprint Drawing

Prompt: Porsche:: blueprint drawing::1
Prompt: Bugatti Veyron:: blueprint drawing::1


Prompt: Elvis Presley:: pixelart::1
Prompt: Elvis Presley:: pixelart::1


Prompt: Ominous Synthwave Backdrop --ar 3:2


Prompt: a car driving down the road with palm trees in the background, cyberpunk art, inspired by Mike Winkelmann, lamborghini countach, colorful retrofutur, 80s photo, retro-futuristic, retro-futurism, nice sunset, lamborghini, synthwave


Prompt: psychedelic trip:: LSD::1

Ukiyo-e Art

Prompt: mount fuji, ukiyo-e art


Prompt: duotone portrait of stephen hawking, pinkg and green

Diagramatic Drwaing

Prompt: Gameboy, diagramatic drawing

Phantasmal Iridescent

Prompt: Phantasmal Iridescent


Prompt: luminescent black water


Prompt: fluorescent black water
Prompt: fluorescent black water

Carnival Glass

Prompt: carnival glass


Prompt: kintsugi glacial ice::2 oil painting, palette knife texture, thick paint, wide brushstrokes, vibrant vivid colors::2 by Iris Scott, Leonid Afremov and Vincent Van Gogh::1
Prompt: colorful fluid, a microscopic photo, by George Aleef, pexels, abstract art, oil slick nebula, technicolour 1, beautiful aesthetic, stunning screensaver, beautiful color art, acrylic pouring


Note: Aspect ratio was set to 3:2 (Landscape).

Prompt: City Skyline by Doug Chiang
Prompt: Sky City by Robert McCall
Prompt: Illustration by Ian McQue
Prompt: Landscape by Leonid Afremov
Prompt: Futuristic city by Martin Deschambault
Prompt: City Skyline by Kilian Eng
Prompt: City by David A. Hardy
Prompt: Streets of los angeles by Jeremy Mann

Keyword Cheat Sheet

These keywords are good to control and finetune

Fine ultra-detailed realisticmay have some graininess and roughness, but it enhances the level of detail.
Ultra photorealisticis similar to fine ultra-detailed realistic in terms of its level of realism.
Hasselblad H6Dproduces a sharper focus on the subject, but it deepens shadows.
High definitionlighting tends to be brighter and more colorful, with increased saturation.
8ktechnology often produces even more saturated and computer-generated colors than high definition, with extreme lighting effects.
Cinematiclighting features more dramatic shadows and slightly thicker objects, giving a poster-like appearance.
Color gradinginvolves extreme variations in hue and vibrant but not overly saturated colors.
Depth of fieldcreates a sharp focus on the subject while blurring the foreground and background.
Film lightingfeatures limited light sources, common backlighting, and deep shadows cast by light sources.
Rim lightingproduces slightly stronger lighting effects than film lighting, but with very similar results.
Volumetric lighting
Softbox lighting
Long exposure
Fairy Lights
Intricate detailsdesigns tend to feature non-realistic crafts and pattern elements.
Realismtends to focus on artistic realism, with more uniform backgrounds and subject matter that looks like a painting.
Photographytypically includes a small area of objects surrounding the subject, with little else in the background.
Rendered for IMAXinvolves more complex subjects with highly directional lighting and subdued saturation.
Tilt-shiftcreates a similar effect to depth of field, but from a high angle or from above.
Motion-bluradds speed lines to the image, creating the impression of motion or wind.
35mm filmproduces vibrant colors but muted saturation, with additional foreground and/or background elements for added detail.
Soft focuscreates a slightly blurry focus with a thinner subject and potentially grainy details, with colors tending towards pastels.
Harsh lightingcreates extreme contrast with deep shadows.
Minimalist line artfeatures a simplified pen-on-paper type line sketch of the subject with few or no additional elements.
Hasselblad full frameproduces a similar effect to 35mm film, with a stronger emphasis on contrast.
Sony Alpha α7, ISO1900, Leica Mto specify any lens type or camera type
Unrealto specify an unreal engine feel

glass vases on top of a table, microscopic photo, inspired by Brunce Munro, intricate, ultra-detailed, 8k, LSD, symmetric, refracted sparkles, ray tracing

ChatGPT + Midjourney and Prompt Generators

Just let ChatGPT do the job and generate Midjourney prompts for you:

Define your formula in ChatGPT.
Midjourney Prompt Formulas generated by ChatGPT.

Here are the formulas:

  • Formula 1: image to prompt:: 5 descriptive keywords:: camera type:: camera lens type:: time of day:: style of photograph:: type of film
  • Formula 2: image to prompt:: 5 descriptive keywords:: type of photography:: lens:: distance:: subject:: direction:: type of film

Another really helpful tool is the MidJourney Prompt Helper which gives you amazing good style approaches.


Want to know what a prompt sits behind a generated image? The CLIP Interrogator 2.1 is your friend!